Friday, October 21, 2011

Royal Mail

Hello everyone! I’m so excited. I’ve never received mail from the UK although I know a few people there, emails are usually the way we go but how awesome it is to receive a package posted with “Royal Mail” on it. From the Queen maybe, ok, so it isn’t but it might as well be.  
The package actually came from Sakura Nail Arts  that she sent me awhile back. I had joined her 1000 subscriber giveaway on YouTube ( although I was not one of the winners, participants were still given consolation prizes. What a sweetheart wouldn't you say? Anyway, here are some photos I’ve taken to share with all of you.

here it is!
I love receiving packages and i love opening them even more.
what could these be?
It's actually the henna tattoo rolled up and the MAC (pigment).

henna tattoo.
I really can't wait to try this. I'll have to be real careful as not to waste such a beautiful design. I will most likely visit Sakura Nail Arts YouTube channel before actually attempting to apply this on me.

my second MAC product, a MAC pigment in Hepcat.
I actually own a MAC Dazzleglass in roman holiday from my niece Angela.  I know it will look amazing with this pigment for my eyeshadow.

Look at the beautiful pink powder! gorgeous! I know, how naive of me to pry it open like this but i didn't see the hole right away. Good thing my clumsiness didn't get the best of me or we would have had a beautiful pink mess.

swatch of the pigment (hepcat)
It doesn't show all too well on me but i have a naturally tanned skin so sue me. I will work at it even if it take a fairer skin complexion.

couldn't help but try right away.
Ha! There you go! It shows up and quite nicely even if I do say so myself. I will practice until i get it right, what are the YouTube beauty gurus for right, a class right in my living room. Until then this is it, for now anyway.

Finally I would like to thank Sakura Nail Arts for these awesome gifts. I seriously don't know what i did to deserve it but i'm so grateful just the same.

check out her blog and YouTube channels at these links.

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