Thursday, July 11, 2013

My ode to crop tops

Never in my wildest dream would I think to wear cropped tops again as it is making a huge come back this summer. Where I live its practically summer year around but cropped tops are somewhat of a taboo as we live in a very conservative country, and at my age, cropped tops are no longer a typical fashion option. With all do respect to my excuses, I have to admit, there is something about showing the tinsiest tiniest bit of skin around the waist area and so I challenged myself in wearing one without looking vulgar and exaggeratedly trying hard to be youthful. I looked through my wardrobe and see what i can come up with.

Found a Forever 21 stripped top but it wasn't quite the look I was going for. I look further and found a purple spaghetti strap top with ruffles and my high waist jeans from the 90's I tell you, my @lovenikitaph accessories, my flip flop from Baler and my look is complete.

So what do you think? Have I gone way over board my limits? Have shown way too much skin? Am I trying too hard? well, I'm loving it cause it does help me keep cool under the kinda weather we've been having here lately.

If nothing else, I just wish to have inspired some of you to step out of your comfort zones and be creative. Thanks for stopping by and I hope its been an enjoyable read. Til next time!


What I am wearing:
Top:  Gap : Spaghetti strap top
Pants: Contempo Casuals: High waist jeans by Nada Nuff
Flip flops: souvenir shop 
Accessories: lovenikitaph  (yes that's me.) 
crochet covered chain with tassel bracelets
crochet covererd bangle
dream catcher necklace worn as a choker

Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

6 Months and Counting....

I had intended on documenting my last year in my thirties but alas life has a way of  moving forward and not making the time on my own as oppose to having free time to actually start the documentation had been my life the last six months which brings me to the present.... NOW, I am making that time 6 months in to the last year of my 30's. Yes, 30's, please, let’s all try to keep it a secret. ;D

These last 6 months has been kind of a whirlwind.... it just came and gone, very much like the last 39 and 1/2 years of my life.  I can't say a lot has happened but I do appreciate each day that passed. 

To somewhat catch you up though, there was a small time business that I had no choice but to stop, my Dad's hospitalization, Holidays, the birth of Maxie's 5 pug pups, trips to some far off and not so far destinations, birthday celebrations, yet another small business venture cause you know you can't just give up and the daily routines of life in general. It may not seem much but to a simple girl like me it is quite a handful. I'm just really thankful for my supportive parents, my loving and understanding fiancĂ©, and our trusty and dependable house help Cathy that I am able to cope with life. I may seem weak and fragile and admittedly I am. I know it’s not an excuse but I do try every single day to be a better person than the day before cause I can only live a day at a time.

As much as I’d like to really document my life I am opting to just living it, selectively sharing the moments, events or what have you with fashion, health and beauty with the rest of you. Thank you for the few of you for sticking around, staying to read and enjoy what I have to say cause sometimes words are not easy for me to say. 

Some pictures taken the last 6 months

my small time business venture
Homemade California Maki by my cousin for our family Christmas Party... it was delicious.
I forgot what this is called but I remember it was delicious, another dish for  Family Christmas Party.
Where more delicious food is created. Din Tai Fung 
Who would have thought  I'd make it here to enjoy the delicious food. Mozza Pizzaria

I may not look happy but I was actually ecstatic. teeheehee Beach of Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort

Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort

My Birthday

Sunburned to a crisp..... bad decision on NOT putting on Sunblock, never again. 

What helped with the sunburn

Anawangin Cove 

on our way Anawangin Cove 
at Anawangin Cove

our baby pugs

Mom's Birthday Cake

Christmas Decor

Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera

Me in the ultra crystal clear waters of Puerto Galera 

Beautiful Sunset at Puerto Galera

Singapore Skyline

The Super Trees and The Marina Bay Sands

The actual place where we stayed in Singapore.
There are what seems like hundreds pictures more but I didn't want to bore you. Anyway thank you from the bottom of my heart for being somewhat a part of my life. ;D


Winnings!!! post 6 months overdue

disclaimer: (the content of this post was scheduled to be posted last November but as it is mentioned, life played out and this post was set aside for a new schedule. )

By George the end of November is here and Christmas is just  right around the corner and it didn't even phase me up until recently. I was so hoping to post more this month but unfortunately life has a way of unfolding right before your eyes and all other things, blog included set aside. With that said, i want to end this month with good news cause you know there is already enough bad news written in the local newspaper and televised news. So here is my good news...

I WON yet another giveaway! It feels good to win you know and I want to share the feeling with you. A couple of month ago lovenikita hosted her 1st giveaway to launch her new page Love Nikita.  I've been  a follower of hers for quite awhile and I love her crochet creations, (try saying that 10 times fast, crochet creations, crochet creations, crochet creations..... sorry) her tassel earrings, and other accessories she painstaking crochets with much joy I'm sure. I decided to join in the cause to be honest who doesn't  want free stuff,  and cute accessories and whatnot at that.

photo credit: Nike Nadal of lovenikita
So I saw this photo above when I was randomly checking on my Facebook wall and right away went to the her site and did what was necessary to enter and the rest was just all about waiting and couple of weeks passed.

As the common saying says "patience is a virtue" and might I add pays well cause here you go, I was randomly chosen to win awesome products and a few other surprises. 

I  can't thank Nike enough for hosting this giveaway  allowing me to enjoy the Express blouse, dream catcher necklace, two crochet covered chain link bracelets with tassels as well as a pair of tangerine tassel earrings and you know how I love those, right.

So don't be afraid to try your luck cause you just never know, lady luck just may be on your side as she has been with me a couple of times already. 

Well thanks for stopping by and taking the time. Hope you guys are having an awesome week. til next time. 


Ps. I can't seem to find other pictures with me wearing all my winnings, grrrr. and I practically had a photo-shoot just for them. I will keep looking and update later, in the meantime I hope this will do.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's just plain Black and White

Lately I've been noticing myself magnetized to wearing black and white a lot lately. I don't know exactly where I'm drawing the need from but I tend to dress in black and white. From a black and white wool herringbone shorts, a plain white t-shirts, tank tops, black jeans, black flats, wedges, and sandals, they would be either, black and white, just black, or just white. And I'm finding it a little disturbing not in a bad way just been really trying to get color into my wardrobe and I just ultimately take the black tank top, white shorts, or the black and white zebra alegrias sandals that are most comfortable btw.  

Another thing the Philippines hasn't the most comfortable weather or atmosphere to be wearing black as it is too hot and black would just roast me alive or white cause of the smog that I feel like if i walked out in white I would return in a completely brown outfit but I guess that would be an exaggeration, it is however my opinion for the most part. 

But then again as I think long and hard about it what could possibly be wrong with wearing black and white, it's a timeless classic combination, I am, as I read up on my blog list that I am in good company. Take for instance Sandra from, and Rowan from With that in mind, it has not stopped me from doing so and loving every minute that I do. I just get really OC about where I go when I do go out in the said colors or the lack thereof. Check out these two ladies in their blogs for more inspiration as I look to them for my black and white inspirations. 

Anyway... here is my black and whites ootd on a more feminine note.

 Outfit breakdown:
White Top: New Found Happiness from People are People
Black Slip Dress: New Found Happiness from People are People

Accessories Breakdown:
Bag: Tod's
Shoes: Primadonna
ID Bracelet: Aiko
Pearl Bracelet: Mom's stash
Earrings: DIY
Necklace: DIY
Freindship Bracelets: DIY

 Today I found out President Barrack Obama won the US Presidential Race. Congratulations Sir, wishing you a good luck to another four years. I will be praying for your success as well as for the rest of the USA for it is my second home.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Just an OOTD

Casual Cool if I do say so myself. 

My fiance's niece celebrated her 7th birthday with a party and and what better way to be dressed in than something loose and comfortable right. I figured games were going to be played and I needed to have that extra room as well for the delicious food. So I dressed in a loose sheer black tank top with a front panel that hangs from my right shoulder to the waist which by the way is from my stylish Godmother Monserrat. She also was kind enough to give me the red leather Coach bag. I paired them with the  blue chambray harem pants from my fashionista Aunt Celina and black leather and snake skin flats from Primadonna which i totally adore from my awesome possum mother dear. Yes yes and yes... my whole outfit was gifted/sponsored, hahaha and it isn't even my birthday. Don't I feel special. Anyway this is just my way of thanking them and showing them how much i appreciate their fashion senses. I may not have picked it all up just yet but I am seriously working on it.  I wish i  had taken more picture but the party was so much fun i forgot. 

I love this outfit. I would definitely wear again to another occasion for sure paired with outer articles of clothing in my collection and next time Imma going photo crazy. ;D

Well I know its been awhile so i hope you enjoyed the read. Hoping everyone a wonderful Halloween. 

outfit breakdown:
Top: Lanston- loose sheer black tank top
Bottoms: I love H8I-harem pants
Bag:red Coach
Shoes: Primadonna
Accessories: my own diamond stud earrings, DIY Friendship Bracelets, silver charm bracelet, 3 diamond eternity rings

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friendship Bracelets

This is one of the main reasons why i have been MIA-ing. You've already read about the other reasons but this one was one that relieved all the stresses and yes there has been many as you will see with my collection. 

Who said you need friends to collect friendship bracelets? It was originally the idea but none of my friends has the time or the skills to do them. You can say i'm addicted and gladly so cause i am making my world beautiful one friendship bracelet at a time. I have shared with a few friends and family members cause they are very hard to part with especially knowing how much time that goes into them and the thoughts that poured out when i made each one. Thought about selling them but as i mentioned parting is such sweet sorrow i can't bare so until i can make them without attachment i'm afraid i will grow quite a bit of a collection. 

 This is what i started of with. I had no idea it would become so addicting making them. 

I call this the rainbow collection, for when you need a rainbow at arms reach cause you know sometimes it can rain all day and the rainbow after is too far to see.

this set i gave away to a godson and his girl friend and my aunt. 

Mom's watch needed a new watch band and i thought why don't i just make her one. ;D 

Recently discovered the flip flop zigzag pattern and i can't seem to stop making them as well. these are the ones i have left for myself.

These are a few of my favorite ones i made that i wear quite often. 

I also find them decorative contained in a glass container with all the  colors amplified through the glass.

Another way I store them is wrapped around an empty beer bottle. Now don't go drinking up all the beer, find an empty one already. This bottle kinda has sentimental value, it's the last bottle of beer i drank new years i think. anyway haven't had an alcoholic beverage since then not that i was ever an alcoholic or anything.

Anyway, i hope they have been fun to look at as much as i had fun making them. now go and create your own collection. You can learn to make friendship bracelets through an awesome 
And you can also find awesome patterns at ;D