Friday, October 19, 2012

Friendship Bracelets

This is one of the main reasons why i have been MIA-ing. You've already read about the other reasons but this one was one that relieved all the stresses and yes there has been many as you will see with my collection. 

Who said you need friends to collect friendship bracelets? It was originally the idea but none of my friends has the time or the skills to do them. You can say i'm addicted and gladly so cause i am making my world beautiful one friendship bracelet at a time. I have shared with a few friends and family members cause they are very hard to part with especially knowing how much time that goes into them and the thoughts that poured out when i made each one. Thought about selling them but as i mentioned parting is such sweet sorrow i can't bare so until i can make them without attachment i'm afraid i will grow quite a bit of a collection. 

 This is what i started of with. I had no idea it would become so addicting making them. 

I call this the rainbow collection, for when you need a rainbow at arms reach cause you know sometimes it can rain all day and the rainbow after is too far to see.

this set i gave away to a godson and his girl friend and my aunt. 

Mom's watch needed a new watch band and i thought why don't i just make her one. ;D 

Recently discovered the flip flop zigzag pattern and i can't seem to stop making them as well. these are the ones i have left for myself.

These are a few of my favorite ones i made that i wear quite often. 

I also find them decorative contained in a glass container with all the  colors amplified through the glass.

Another way I store them is wrapped around an empty beer bottle. Now don't go drinking up all the beer, find an empty one already. This bottle kinda has sentimental value, it's the last bottle of beer i drank new years i think. anyway haven't had an alcoholic beverage since then not that i was ever an alcoholic or anything.

Anyway, i hope they have been fun to look at as much as i had fun making them. now go and create your own collection. You can learn to make friendship bracelets through an awesome 
And you can also find awesome patterns at ;D


  1. Those bracelets look awesome. Mine always turn out a bit dodgy and weird looking :(

    ☆ BunniBonBon ☆

    1. Hi Laura! awe thank you! Don't be so hard on yourself, we sometimes are always the worst critique on ourselves but you know as i always say, practice makes perfect and I let me tell i've had ALOT of practice and sometimes they come out dodgy also. teeheehee.

      thanks for taking your time and dropping by.

      hope this wont be the last!