Sunday, September 30, 2012

better late than never ;D

So i'm thinking it's better late than never... here is the ever late promised post regarding my shorts haul I posted here

RED SHORTS: Here, I've paired my red shorts with a white spaghetti strap top and black Fitflop, DIY tassel earrings made by yours truly and a stack of bracelets. Don't you just love the back of the chair i was sitting on at an ice cream/cake shop we visited a while back called BAKE AND CHURN at SM Marilao.

LEVI'S CROPPED SHORTS: I just love these, the look of a really short short but not too revealing. Paired with a hand me down ruffled sleeveless blouse with the tiniest blue flowers, a strawberry scented red belt and brown Fitflop, I totally feel sweet with a touch of edge.

LEOPARD PRINT SHORTS: My first ever animal print shorts paired with a skinny silver belt and pewter Fitflop and heather grey tank top..  

Due to a natural calamity, start of a small business, a few family members getting sick and my tablet (that contains most of the pictures i want to post about) not being able to sinc with my lap top, this is all I was able to come up with in photos not to mention a few Polyvore post. I seriously don't mean to disappoint or lag behind on my blog post but i hope you all understand that sometimes life really does get in the way, though I'm not complaining.  

SOOO, hope everyone is having an awesome weekend cause i know i did.