Sunday, October 30, 2011

good vs. evil

It's been said that on Earth roams good and evil beings disguised as humans. 
With that said, a last minute Halloween get together forced me and my bf to dress as such with mere props such as angel wings and demon horns. Our true identity revealed. I thought we made a good pair. 


 Well, hate to admit that this little angel has a little evil in her, don't mess with her!

This is what I wore.

 light washed Mango cropped denim jacket

purple Gap tank top. it came with a cardi but couldn't find.

light washed Next denim skinny jeans and my dark brown walkstar Fitflop

Folded and Hung brown leather belt with a heavy duty belt buckle

My boyfriend wore his FMCC T-shirt  i bought him under his Nike wind breaker, dark Lee denims, and black Fitflop.

 Everybody keep safe! Don't drink and drive! and don't text and drive.

Friday, October 28, 2011

how about a super cute last minute halloween DIY decor?

So halloween is just right around the corner and I haven't any halloween decorations around. What is wrong with me? So now I'm on a hunt for easy peasy DIY decor. I search and surf the net and I run upon this little cute decoration that looks easy enough to make. I originally saw this cute picture on Lauren Conrad's website An uber cute votive tea  light candle holder that looks like pumpkins and ghosts. No instructions but a link was most definitely available and so i go.

The instructions were indeed easy to follow on as a 3 year old was a helper in the project. I thought if she can do it, i think i can do it too.

I gave it a try and this is what my finish project looks like.

The color didn't come out as true to real life in the picture but it really does look similar. I had to change a few of the materials I used due to availability  but it seemed to work just as well. Here are the materials I used.

an empty jar lying around

orange japanese paper

Elmer's glue and a pair of scissors

top of a container where i mixed the glue and water

Pilot super color marker
...and this is what I did.

With the scissors, I first cut the japanese paper into strips so that they are easier to work with.  In a little top of a container, I mixed a little elmer's glue with enough water just to make it watery to make it not so thick. Next, with my index finger, I wiped the glue/water mixture on a portion of the jar about the width of the japanese paper and length of the jar. I then placed the japanese paper on the jar with the mixture and smoothed it on. I went on to do this around the jar until I got to where I started and let it dry. After it has dried i freehandedly drew on a face with the marker and poof... I was done. I hope you try it and...


I would also like to thank for sharing this uber cute easy peasy decor.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the haul I said I wouldn't, teeheehee

Had to go to the mall to buy a present for my boyfriend's niece. She's 6 years old and totally has her own style. Go to the mall, buy the present, and go home, that was the plan.

I was walking around enjoying the coolness of the atmosphere, when a pair of feather earrings caught my eyes.

I'll just try it on I said to see how it looked... hot, hot, hot! Sold! They were only a mere php60, that's pretty cheap, no harm done.

So I go on to buy the present. A cute periwinkle puff short sleeves t-shirt with a girly girl print and a matching headband. Mission accomplished. It may not totally be her thing now but she'll appreciate it, and me when she's older.

I was already at the mall I might as well take my time. I've done what I originally needed to do and now my time is really mine. OOh, just remembered, I need a clear polish for my nail art and so a trip to hbc was a must and a clear SAN SAN varnish was purchased for php37. Yoohoo, gonna do my nail art now.

 What kind of trip is it to the mall if I don't visit People are People. A boutique that provides trendy pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women. So there I was, a sale is still going, just my luck. Nice pieces, nice affordable pieces, oh no, control yourself can't buy it all. Oh I can't possibly leave this last piece, it's on sale, and it fits. Oh alright, one last buy. Yey, you are now mine.

A white sheer super loose billowy tank top/blouse by new found happiness, that's the name of the brand, V-neck, sleeveless with super large arm holes. I could totally see myself in this and love it. Now I feel my wardrobe is complete. Ok ok maybe just one more unique piece that I have yet to find. ;D

alright, it's getting dark must be evening now, just one last stop at Watson's to check out black eyeshadow, Halloween is just right around the corner and what is a smokey eye make-up with out black eyeshadow, right?. At php65 by Fashion 21, SOLD!

There you have it. I shopped til I dropped and I hadn't even planned on it.

PUG LOVE - dog fashion

Not many people agree in dressing their dogs but for my Maxie she likes the pampering and attention, so it seems anyway so if she likes it, well by gosh, I like it too.
The dog pictured above is Maxie and this is about her what I like to call PUG LOVE fashion line, the wardrobe that I personally handmade for her with love. They are actually made from scraps of fabric that my mom had from the long sleeve t-shirts she had turned to short sleeves.  What she is wearing here is actually my 3rd attempt and I think it fits best on her.
Maxie's 1st dress/shirt
I used a dress she currently owned as my guide. I just outlined her dress/shirt on a newspaper and turned that as my pattern.  I am by no means a professional at this as you can tell so I just basically eyeballed everything and hoped for the best.  As it turned out she looks pretty happy.

This pink horizontal stripe ensemble is my 1st try, it’s a little loose but I didn’t bother altering it because I had more scraps of fabric and it’s still wearable.

 My 2nd try here is a little short, kinda midriff on her, it might have something to do with the actual shape of the scrap fabric, still cute though.

This final picture is the print of her future dress I have yet to make. Alot has happened that's kept me from actually making it. But surely, one day appear on one of my entries here.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Royal Mail

Hello everyone! I’m so excited. I’ve never received mail from the UK although I know a few people there, emails are usually the way we go but how awesome it is to receive a package posted with “Royal Mail” on it. From the Queen maybe, ok, so it isn’t but it might as well be.  
The package actually came from Sakura Nail Arts  that she sent me awhile back. I had joined her 1000 subscriber giveaway on YouTube ( although I was not one of the winners, participants were still given consolation prizes. What a sweetheart wouldn't you say? Anyway, here are some photos I’ve taken to share with all of you.

here it is!
I love receiving packages and i love opening them even more.
what could these be?
It's actually the henna tattoo rolled up and the MAC (pigment).

henna tattoo.
I really can't wait to try this. I'll have to be real careful as not to waste such a beautiful design. I will most likely visit Sakura Nail Arts YouTube channel before actually attempting to apply this on me.

my second MAC product, a MAC pigment in Hepcat.
I actually own a MAC Dazzleglass in roman holiday from my niece Angela.  I know it will look amazing with this pigment for my eyeshadow.

Look at the beautiful pink powder! gorgeous! I know, how naive of me to pry it open like this but i didn't see the hole right away. Good thing my clumsiness didn't get the best of me or we would have had a beautiful pink mess.

swatch of the pigment (hepcat)
It doesn't show all too well on me but i have a naturally tanned skin so sue me. I will work at it even if it take a fairer skin complexion.

couldn't help but try right away.
Ha! There you go! It shows up and quite nicely even if I do say so myself. I will practice until i get it right, what are the YouTube beauty gurus for right, a class right in my living room. Until then this is it, for now anyway.

Finally I would like to thank Sakura Nail Arts for these awesome gifts. I seriously don't know what i did to deserve it but i'm so grateful just the same.

check out her blog and YouTube channels at these links.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Latest Obsession

Connector Rings

I'm not talking about those little metal circles that are used to connect let say charms to a necklace on a piece of jewelry nor am I talking about some techie electronic device. I’m talking about rings for your fingers that are soldered together as one, they are also known as two finger rings. Convenient wouldn’t you say, two rings for one.

OK, I maybe late on the trend but what can I say I really have no excuse but that I haven't been around much. I first saw these absolute marvel from Michelle Phan, you know who she is, YouTube beauty guru, make-up artist extraordinaire a total package of talent beauty and brains. It didn't hit me then right away. I liked it, sure, were they available already here in my country, not sure but it was when I saw more of them in beautycrush's channel, another YouTube beauty guru that I admire. Then the search was on.
purchased at SM Baliwag Department Store for Php249

Strolling along a local mall my mom and I went to, when this beauty came to sight. A connector ring / two fingers ring with a skull and pink flower design. I had to get it. THe skull has a story behind it but it might be for another posting. ;D 

a gift a from the lovely Luisa.
I had mentioned it one day to a niece of mine, Luisa, that I was looking for the said type of rings and low and behold she gave me my second piece.  I do love her and not just because she gave me a present as it may appear but just because she is the wonderful girl that she is.  It's a super cute metal ribbon with two adjustable rings connected (yes I know it's a given). That started my idea to a collection, a small one as of yet, but surely it will grow I tell you.

purchased at SM Marilao for Php150
Every mall trip has become a scavenger hunt for connector rings. So lucky to say that I have found yet another one to add to my collection, a cute feather one. It’s quite long but I loved it just the same even if it's another trend I am late on.

purchased from Girlshoppe for Php100 

A recent trip out of town has brought me to my latest find, a contradiction to itself but indeed they are not, soldered together they are. What is even better is that it was a only the fraction of the price I saw from an online shop. The ring is designed like a twig wrapped around the fingers while a bird is perched on top of one of the ring and flowers on the other.  

At first they are quite difficult to wear because you really can’t open your hand really wide, but then again when will I ever need to open them so wide anyway right. I’ll get use to it. ;D So the search continues for yet another one of these treasures until my need for them dies.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A day out.

 A day out.

I was tasked to go do an errand, to get a pearl necklace restrung. Since the weather has been unpredictable, I thought a loose fitting tank top and a pair of light washed straightcut denim and my trusty balck patent Fitflop walkstar 3 for some heavy duty walking was the perfect get up with barely there makeup and glossy lips. 

feather-like design on the back

feather connector ring
Greenhills, San Juan, here i come.  

My boyfriend skipped out on work and tagged along, good thing he did cause it was quality time i had been longing for with him. After the said mission about the pearl necklace was accomplished it was chow time at MEXICALI.

 We ordered chicken enchilada with chips and salsa and beef burrito also with chips and salsa and ice tea to wash it all down.

after a good 30 mins., this was left behind.

By the way, in the midst of our meal we notice a celebrity eating in the same restaurant.

Couldn't remember his name at the time cause then i would have been in the picture as well but i googled him and his name is MANUEL CHUA and his wife, i assume. Sorry i failed to get a closer shot and you probably can't even recognize him but i promise it is him, seriously.

 After our delicious meal, we went back to shop around Greenhills. Unfortunately much of the stall were closed probably because they are getting their Christmas decor ready for Christmas 2011, excited myself, but we did manage to get some goodies just as well.

 From cute little pearl earrings, angry bird shirt, shoes for my boyfriend's nieces and nephew and of course everyone's favorite snack, hopia. Erick is here photographed purchasing some.

My absolute favorite buy, of course, cause it was a purchase for me, is this ever sooo cute connector ring that looks like two seperate rings but isn't. It'a bird perched on one and flowers on the other. don't you just love it?

After a long day out it was time to go home in the rain.  goodbye Greenhills! until the time. ;D