Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PUG LOVE - dog fashion

Not many people agree in dressing their dogs but for my Maxie she likes the pampering and attention, so it seems anyway so if she likes it, well by gosh, I like it too.
The dog pictured above is Maxie and this is about her what I like to call PUG LOVE fashion line, the wardrobe that I personally handmade for her with love. They are actually made from scraps of fabric that my mom had from the long sleeve t-shirts she had turned to short sleeves.  What she is wearing here is actually my 3rd attempt and I think it fits best on her.
Maxie's 1st dress/shirt
I used a dress she currently owned as my guide. I just outlined her dress/shirt on a newspaper and turned that as my pattern.  I am by no means a professional at this as you can tell so I just basically eyeballed everything and hoped for the best.  As it turned out she looks pretty happy.

This pink horizontal stripe ensemble is my 1st try, it’s a little loose but I didn’t bother altering it because I had more scraps of fabric and it’s still wearable.

 My 2nd try here is a little short, kinda midriff on her, it might have something to do with the actual shape of the scrap fabric, still cute though.

This final picture is the print of her future dress I have yet to make. Alot has happened that's kept me from actually making it. But surely, one day appear on one of my entries here.

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