Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Nails-Mummified Mommy

Getting alittle excited, halloween is just around the corner. In preparation, i just thought to share these halloween nails i did last year. They are quite simple to do. If you are interested in learning how to create them, please read on.

"Mummified Mommy"
These are my Mom's hands pictured above, thus the title "Mummified Mommy".
 To create this nail art, this is what i did.
1. polish bare nails with a protective coat of nail strengthening/protective varnish of your choice and let dry.
2. polish next layer with white or cream colored nail varnish. let that dry.
3. with a small make-up sponge, lightly and randomly sponge on a brown polish sparingly.
4. with a black nail art polish with a thin long brush, paint on horizontal lines replicating edges of the bandage. lines do not have to be perfectly horizontal, overlapping some is adviced.
5. closer to the tip of the nail, dot on two white spots next to each other.
6. then on top of the white spots, dot on smaller ones on each white spot, creating eyes. you could actually ut little googly eyes so that they move and they will definitely look much cuter.
7. finally, top it all of with your favorite top coat to protect the design. 

These are other designs i also created.

"Headless Kitty"

"Random monsters and aliens"

"pumpkin bumpkin"

"spiderweb we weave"
Hope you were able to follow the instructions and i hope you share them through photos with me.

i am a brand spanking new blogger and would really appreciate input to improve. thanks so much. ;D

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