Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the haul I said I wouldn't, teeheehee

Had to go to the mall to buy a present for my boyfriend's niece. She's 6 years old and totally has her own style. Go to the mall, buy the present, and go home, that was the plan.

I was walking around enjoying the coolness of the atmosphere, when a pair of feather earrings caught my eyes.

I'll just try it on I said to see how it looked... hot, hot, hot! Sold! They were only a mere php60, that's pretty cheap, no harm done.

So I go on to buy the present. A cute periwinkle puff short sleeves t-shirt with a girly girl print and a matching headband. Mission accomplished. It may not totally be her thing now but she'll appreciate it, and me when she's older.

I was already at the mall I might as well take my time. I've done what I originally needed to do and now my time is really mine. OOh, just remembered, I need a clear polish for my nail art and so a trip to hbc was a must and a clear SAN SAN varnish was purchased for php37. Yoohoo, gonna do my nail art now.

 What kind of trip is it to the mall if I don't visit People are People. A boutique that provides trendy pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women. So there I was, a sale is still going, just my luck. Nice pieces, nice affordable pieces, oh no, control yourself can't buy it all. Oh I can't possibly leave this last piece, it's on sale, and it fits. Oh alright, one last buy. Yey, you are now mine.

A white sheer super loose billowy tank top/blouse by new found happiness, that's the name of the brand, V-neck, sleeveless with super large arm holes. I could totally see myself in this and love it. Now I feel my wardrobe is complete. Ok ok maybe just one more unique piece that I have yet to find. ;D

alright, it's getting dark must be evening now, just one last stop at Watson's to check out black eyeshadow, Halloween is just right around the corner and what is a smokey eye make-up with out black eyeshadow, right?. At php65 by Fashion 21, SOLD!

There you have it. I shopped til I dropped and I hadn't even planned on it.

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