Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Latest Obsession

Connector Rings

I'm not talking about those little metal circles that are used to connect let say charms to a necklace on a piece of jewelry nor am I talking about some techie electronic device. I’m talking about rings for your fingers that are soldered together as one, they are also known as two finger rings. Convenient wouldn’t you say, two rings for one.

OK, I maybe late on the trend but what can I say I really have no excuse but that I haven't been around much. I first saw these absolute marvel from Michelle Phan, you know who she is, YouTube beauty guru, make-up artist extraordinaire a total package of talent beauty and brains. It didn't hit me then right away. I liked it, sure, were they available already here in my country, not sure but it was when I saw more of them in beautycrush's channel, another YouTube beauty guru that I admire. Then the search was on.
purchased at SM Baliwag Department Store for Php249

Strolling along a local mall my mom and I went to, when this beauty came to sight. A connector ring / two fingers ring with a skull and pink flower design. I had to get it. THe skull has a story behind it but it might be for another posting. ;D 

a gift a from the lovely Luisa.
I had mentioned it one day to a niece of mine, Luisa, that I was looking for the said type of rings and low and behold she gave me my second piece.  I do love her and not just because she gave me a present as it may appear but just because she is the wonderful girl that she is.  It's a super cute metal ribbon with two adjustable rings connected (yes I know it's a given). That started my idea to a collection, a small one as of yet, but surely it will grow I tell you.

purchased at SM Marilao for Php150
Every mall trip has become a scavenger hunt for connector rings. So lucky to say that I have found yet another one to add to my collection, a cute feather one. It’s quite long but I loved it just the same even if it's another trend I am late on.

purchased from Girlshoppe for Php100 

A recent trip out of town has brought me to my latest find, a contradiction to itself but indeed they are not, soldered together they are. What is even better is that it was a only the fraction of the price I saw from an online shop. The ring is designed like a twig wrapped around the fingers while a bird is perched on top of one of the ring and flowers on the other.  

At first they are quite difficult to wear because you really can’t open your hand really wide, but then again when will I ever need to open them so wide anyway right. I’ll get use to it. ;D So the search continues for yet another one of these treasures until my need for them dies.

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