Saturday, December 31, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Lotus FLower Charm Necklace

I got mail! 

And not just any mail, a Sheyna Jewelry package and who doesn't like to receive packages, right? Let me give you a back story. Nov. 15, 2011 Meggy of Chasing Davies hosted the Lotus Flower Charm Giveaway-Closed, the lotus flower charm and necklace was provided by Sheyna Jewelry. 

The prize is this cute gold plated lotus flower stamped on a small golden disk and it hangs on a 16 inch golden chain. Nov. 22, 2011, I was randomly chosen with True Random Generator! I replied right away with the required information for shipping as I was fearing disqualification. Nov. 30, I inquired as to when it was going o be sent to me. Meggy right away got me in touch with Lauren of Sheyna Jewelry and Lauren confirmed that it was indeed on its way.

 Yesterday, Dec. 19, mid-afternoon, a notice from the local post office arrived announcing that a package was at their office for pick-up. Right away I knew it would be the lotus flower charm. I rushed right over and paid a small fee I was more than happy to pay. I rushed right back at home to open it. 

Inside the package was a sweet note on a  card from Lauren  of Sheyna Jewelry thanking me for participating the giveaway and that she hoped I would enjoy the necklace.

 The lotus flower charm was protected in a small blue envelope shaped cloth pouch. The pouch itself was just as cute.

And of course the lotus flower charm hanging on a golden chain.

 I couldn't wait for a particular occasion I had to put it on to try. Can you just see the smile on my face, i can't remove it.


The necklace and charm is far more beautiful in real life than in the pictures. I love it! It hangs perfectly around my neck.

I would like to thank Meggy of Chasing Davies and Lauren of Sheyna Jewelry for this beautiful necklace that is now hanging around my neck. Continued success to both of you. Looking forward to future blogs Meggy and new designs from Sheyna Jewelry. Thanks again!!!

What I am wearing:
Cropped jean jacket : Mango
Tube dress: Gap
Footwear: Pietra Fitflop in Pewter
Necklace: gold plated Lotus flower charm necklace from Sheyna Jewelry

I hope it's been an enjoyable read. Thanks for stopping by!


Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tis' the Season

It's official! Christmas is definitely on its way. Here are a couple of proofs, I received these in a care package from family abroad. Two pairs of awesome shoes for Christmas! These first pair of Alegrias are from my aunt/godmother. Don't you just love them?! They totally scream I AM FUN! They are Alegria Madrids in Zebra/white tiger print patent. It has a soft removable insole and are like heaven to walk in. They aren't the sexiest pair of sandals but they give off that cool casual school girl vibe I'm loving and how about those Madrid Raven Lace $99.95(2nd picture). Those goes to my birthday wishlist. lol ;D

These next pair of shoes are american eagle outfitters cork wedge sandals from my niece and nephew/godson. They are surprisingly comfortable despite of the height and the color totally blends with my skin thus equaling to longer legs. Who doesn't like that?! I tried them on with super skinny  AEO jeans and looked stunning.

To be quite honest, I no longer wear much of these type of shoes unlike in my younger days but and that is with a big giant but, trying these babies... can't help but bring back the old me who wears these type of fun shoes. Can't wait to wear them out. I've linked another pair of wedges that is currently available that I'm loving as well, something you should check out yourself.  

so these are two pairs of shoes I've received for Christmas that I'm loving. Can't wait for the day to come and get more goodies! ;D

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Monday, December 5, 2011

channeling inner modern Greek goddess

channeling inner modern Greek goddess
OK so I'm not Greek or in Greece nor am i a goddess but this vintage dress (circa mid 90s) surely does make me feel like one and  isn't that what dressing is all about anyway? 

This dress always makes me feel good for a couple of good reasons. 
One, it fits. I had recently lost weight due to health issues that I hope never returns. Sometimes a simple cough is not so simple. Thanks to it though, this dress fits me like when i first got it and that was some time ago. ;D

 Two, this dress makes me feel taller than i  really am, cause 5'4" isn't tall at all, but when you wear black and at this length, it instantly adds inches.

  And lastly, drama. The color and length of the dress and surrounded by trees and foliage in our backyard, i  feel like a character in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. I'm just waiting for fairy dust to put me to sleep. ;D

No where to go this time but this dress has gone far and with proper accessories, it too can go to any occasion.

Today though, just a date with my fellow bloggers. Hope it's been an enjoyable read. til next time.

Dress: Esprit (L.A.,Ca, USA)
Headband: Girlshoppe
Earrings: sterling silver earring (gift from cousin Tess)
Bracelet(left hand): swarovsky crystals with magnet closure gift from niece Luisa
Charm Bracelet(right hand): sterling silver assembled by yours truly with favorite charms  
Flip flops: Havaianas gift from awesome BF


G.I. Jane

inspired by the military look
I have always felt i could have served in the military, unfortunately Mom was totally against it. Good thing thought, cause I now realized that the military life is not for me so it's now only through fashion where i can show my support, respect, and my former desire to be in the military.

It's a rare occasion when i can sport outerwear here in the Philippines such as this army jacket. I have accessorized it with my military colored shorts and t-shirt, a vintage leather belt, newer statement ring and double finger rings.

Casual, Comfy, and Cool.