Saturday, June 9, 2012

Collective Haul

I know, I know, I've been MIA-ing lately but having a small street food business was not as easy as I though and as time consuming at that.  I hope you can find it in your kind hearts to forgive me, to make it up to you I've got pretty awesome finds. It's been really hot lately as I'm sure you've gathered in the last few post I've made and so shorts are the major items of my post.

For instance, I found these Limited cropped tailored pants that I decided to crop as shorts. They are absolutely dreamy thought the pictures don't show, they are a perfect creamy lavender, I haven't played around on how I would wear them. I actually plan on taking them in some cause they are quite loose. 

My next find was this cropped Levi's with the pockets peeking through, I plan to wear them with these pretty dainty sleeveless top, strawberry scented plastic belt in  red and some neutral sandals if not red ones I've yet to purchase.

These next two shorts are kind of special, one is of my favorite color red and the other is in my favorite print, leopard. 

These red shorts are nautical inspired with button on either sides. It comes with pockets hidden with the buttons as closure so you'll be sure objects won't be lifted out. ;D I plan to wear them rolled up with printed top and silver skinny belt and wedges.You know the best part is that it's Ann Taylor and I got it for the mere price of Php35, that like way less than a US dollar... wow!


Here is a fun one for you! Leoapard printed shorts I've been eyeing since I last saw it. It as the last pair and by God when I returned a week later to purchase them. they were still available, fate is what I say it is. It was meant to be mine and now they are. I originally planned on wearing these with a hooded top silver skinny belt and my Fitflop Pietra but I ended up wearing it with a different option as you will see later on the post.

I know I'm a little late for spring colors but like I said I've been busy and I just got my hands on these babies. Aren't they just the sweetest colors. I'm so ready to rock them soon. 


These are the two belts for a closer look. I purchesed the silver belt at Folded and Hung for Php100, a local fashion botique while I bought the red one at one of the street vendors at Quiapo for Php50, a steal wouldn't you say? ;D 

So today this is what I ended up wearing leopard print shorts heather grey tank top with the silver skinny belt and Pewter Pietra Fitflops. Didn't turn out too bad, just right for the summer heat. ;D

I also decided to do the black crackled polish over silver glittery polish. 


Well, I hope it has been worth all the wait. I will definitely keep you posted when I do wear the other outfits. ;D

Happy weekend to everyone. ;D