Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Green with Envy

I just love this green skirt sent to me by my aunt from abroad. It may possibly be secondhand but it's beautiful just the same. I'm totally in love with the black band detail with flowers and vines around the bottom of the skirt.  It makes me feel all girly and prim and proper or some sort of character in a 50's movie. I just paired it with a black tank top and black slideFitflop. Outfit done! Comfortable, simple and easy to wear! 

hope you like it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The best @38. ;D

This birthday has to be the Best birthday of all in spite of the fact that it was also my grandfather's 21th death anniversary. We (my huge family from my mom's side of the family) usually just have a small get-together to pray for the soul of our grandfather, my mom's dad, and have dinner together. To my surprise some of my cousins brought there share of food as well as birthday goodies... for good ol' me. Ninang Beck by the way is me. Ninang means godmother and Beck is my nickname amongst family and Darren and Danielle are my cousins kids.  The lady behind me is my mom  and as I look at our picture, we seem to be looking more alike as I get older.

There was soo much food, pancit, spaghetti, and pancit palabok. it's an old saying here that a noodle type dish should be prepared for long life of the birthday celebrant. Suffice to say, there was 3 kinds thus a super long life for me. There was also cuchinta, sweet sticky rice cake, delicious. coffee jelly desert and alpahol, a local sweet dessert. fried chicken and liempo (roasted pork) with hard boiled eggs, onion and fried tofu. 

So we ate, we bonded, shared stories and had loads of good time. I always find myself having the best time when surrounded with family.

This is me at 38. I can't believe it myself, time has gone by so quickly. I may not be the most accomplished but I must say I am the luckiest for having such supportive loving parents, and extended family not to mention an awesome boyfriend who loves me not only for who I really am but also accepts me for who I am not.

The blouse I'm wearing was an early birthday  gift from one of my cousins and the Fitflop I'm wearing on my feet are from my boyfriend which were also given to me as an early birthday gift. The jeans I'm wearing are quite old, but love them so much that I can't get rid of them. They were black but so worn it's turned grey as well.

I had planned on wearing these pair of Charles and Kieth wedges (another birthday gift) but the Fitflop won me over.

Estee Lauder skin perfector
bareminerals loose powder foundation
MAC loose powder eyeshadow in hepcat
FAshion21 black eyeshadow for the crease of my eyes
EverBilena liquid eyeliner in black
Clinique mascara also in black
Chapstick in spearmint
2kool lipstick palette in the darkest shade, no name available

Nails: Cherry Blossom tree nail art
Silver base color
black nail art polish (with a thin long brush) for the branches
pink and white Caronia polish for the cherry blossom flowers
protective clear top coat

I had so much I just to share all this with all of you. Simple and as random as it was,  it was the best birthday yet!

So to many more birthdays to come.

Hope it has been a good read!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My 2012 Bag Content Essentials

I love bags, and purses, clutches, book bags, satchels, whatever you want to call them, I love  them. But in whatever form i want to carry for the day are a few basic essentials.What I means is that when you go out and you happen to take a car with you, you'll need keys right? RIIIGHT! and of course your driver's license and such. When it's hot you might need a hankie or a fan not the electric kind just the hand held one etc, etc, you get the point right. 

So the current bag I've been using is this DKNY bag given to me by my boyfriend Erick a year ago for my birthday, such a sweetheart.

OKAY! So on with my basic bag content essentials, they are as follows:

1. I always have this rosary where ever I go. This rosary is made with garnet semi precious stone with silver chain links, Blessed Mother medal and cross. My Mom gave me this many many years ago as a birthday gift. It may have been my 16th or 18th Brthday, so long ago I can't even remember. She has a beautiful collection of rosaries but this one was particularly bought for me as it made with my birth stone Garnet. I love it and I try to use it as often as I can to pray the rosary.

2. Of course I also carry my older model cellular phone that I keep in a silver candy designed little wallet. The cellular phone was a present from a cousin so it is very dear to my heart and can't seem to part with despite of newer and more highly techie phones that are available in the market.   

3. I also carry another wallet that contain a gamut of things. From money and change, cards, driver's license, a small plastic type magnifying card for when I bring a book to read, prayer cards, cause it's always good to pray when ever or where ever you are, a few picture of loved ones, a little Clinique mirror, Clean & Clear oil blotter, nail clipper, another bracelet style rosary given by one of my best friends & Chapstick in spearmint. I carry this alone when I don't need to bring a whole bag or just to run a real quick errand.

4. Pictured here are the other things I carry in my bag. Wipes for when I use the rest room, a small light blue wallet to contain my unmentionables wink wink, baby powder, a handkerchief hand sanitizer hanging out of my bag and a fan that doesn't seem to be here in the picture or the umbrella as well.The weather here in the Philippines is somewhat unpredictable so you really need to be ready for a down pour comes.

So what about you? What are your basic handbag essentials?

I hope this has been an interesting read if not anything else. Have a nice day!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Zebra Prints

A resurface of an old favorite, an electric pleated floral skirt, paired with a zebra print patent Alegrias sandals. I accessorized with 2 bracelets, an Id type bracelet with my name and charm bracelet with my favorite charms and flower earrings. Sorry no actually pictures of me wearing this outfit, had problems with settings and didn't realized I erased them. So much for a being a techie. 

Here is another pairing for the zebra print patent Alegrias sandals worn on New Year's Eve with a zebra print peek a boo cami peeking through my red V-neck hooded top.The necklace isn't officially my neck accessory, it's actually house keys. Latchkey baby here. I had to crop some people out for their privacy sake. Luckily this picture was saved. ;D

With all the zebra print talk, here is another zebra print.Yay for green zebras, let's just say it was feeling a little green. I paired it with a faded to grey black skinny jeans and black patent Fitflop and same accesories mentioned previously.  Another no picture show... slow in learning the handling of  of my android as a camera. ;D

Have I gone zebra crazy? not quite... I've also done my nails. zebra crazy now? probably!

Hope this has been a enjoyable read! Have an excellent day!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

possibly the easiest DIY collar necklace

I've been obsessing over collar necklaces and I can't even say I'm totally in love with it enough to buy one when i don't know how it would look on me. I've seen it on so many blog post and it has grown on me over time. The first of the many I've seen was Dannijo's ARAM on The Man Repeller Leandra Medine. It's the metal version, beautiful and quite pricey. From then on I've been really searching on how to wear it cause it just it totally grabbed my attention. I saw some bejeweled, in  fabric form with studs, leather with ribbons, name it's available. I was hooked but they are no where to be found here in our local market. The search continues for DIY. I saw a couple of versions I liked and made one of my own.

I even went as far as creating Polyvore sets with collar necklaces, unfortunatly I've only done them with a black tube dress and and just change around the accesories.

These are nice reversible made to order ones are attainable through Etsy. Just type in the search box leather collar necklaces and a bunch will show up as well as these ones.

Now on with my DIY, you'll need a pair of sharp scissors and an old button down polo shirt. I happen to find one that is light blue and faded. A perfect trial project. With the sharp scissors cut off the collar by cutting really closely to the seem of the collar and keep going until you reach the other end. Follow the pictures for visual help.

Once it's all cut off what you have is your collar necklace. You can stop here for a plain simple look which I think looks nice enough but you can keep going by embellishing it with beads, sequins, maybe pre-crocheted flowers,  ribbon flowers and whatever have you that you might like. I think I will leave mine just this way and just add on to it as I need to with a particular look. I've decided to leave the tag just as a remembrance of where it came from but not by any means of giving them credit.

A Peter Pan Style Collar here is created. A another nice version wouldn't you say? 

In another DIY, a brooch was attached, a nice look as well.

Here is my idea on how I can wear it with a little cleavage showing through a v-neck shirt. What do you guys think?

Well I hope I've been some help and I hope it's been just as enjoyable to read. Hope  you too try it out and share them with the rest of us.. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

welcome to the jungle

Untitled #49

TopShop knit shirt, $76
Goldsign jeans, £199
Jeffrey Campbell platform wedge heels, $139
Steve Madden cross body shoulder bag, $138
Owl jewelry, $100
Silver earrings
John Lewis Women beret hat, £7.50

Untitled #48

Jane Norman black white dress, £23
Emilio Pucci zebra striped dress, £809
Dolce Gabbana zebra striped dress, £414
American Eagle Outfitters peak coat, $90
Gucci embroidered coat
Dsquared zebra coat, €5.541
Jimmy Choo pointed toe boots, €479
Diane von F├╝rstenberg flat heels, $240
Kate Spade zebra shoes, $210
Clutch bag, $30
Zagliani top handle bag, $3,900
Oversized jewelry, $85
Ariella Collection cat jewelry, $68
Tassel jewelry, £21
Sunglasses, $61

Untitled #47

Hobbs slimming top, £49
All Saints slim fit leather jacket, $395
Carven faux coat, €912
Tiger Motif Black Dress [NCSKE0082] - $46.99 :
Oasis ballerina flat, $15
Jimmy Choo biker boots, $925
Maison Martin Margiela high heel boots, $825
Leather tote bag, $362
Reed Krakoff leather satchel bag, $1,090
Balenciaga red tote bag, £1,255
Emporio armani watch, £214
Just Female Acces silver ring, €18
Red earrings, $18
Bench leather watch, £36
White gold diamond earrings
Loree Rodkin 18k diamond ring, £15,635
Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses, $135
Tom ford sunglasses, €275
Alexander McQueen cashmere shawl, €460
Oversized sunglasses, $28

Untitled #45

Elie Saab sleeveless dress, $1,823
Dsquared platform shoes, $368
Crystal jewelry, $38
Zirconia ring, $17
Effy Collection gold diamond jewelry, $1,400

Untitled #40

Sweater, €629
Short shorts, £18
Zebra shoes, $38
Michael Antonio Studio platform wedge heels, $136
Gucci handbag, $3,100
Michael Kors chronograph watch, $250
Just Cavalli enamel bangle, $315
Fausto Colato zebra print belt, $239
Tokyo Milk Eiffel Tower Soap, $11
One Kings Lane - Holiday Ornaments & Decor - Set of 6 Antiqued Gold...
"Zebra Black" Animal Prints design on iPhone 4 / 4S Slider Case by..., $5

leopard crazy

Sonia Rykiel cream cardigan, $238
Long top, £25
Theory hot shorts, £95
Sperry Top-Sider sperry top sider shoes, $85
Aspinal of London brown tote, £595
Wet Seal leopard jewelry, $13
Erica Anenberg enamel jewelry, $114
Betsey Johnson leopard print jewelry, $185

puppy love

puppy love by ruvic featuring a short coat

Markus Lupfer long sleeve top, £200
Uniqlo short coat, £40
River Island skinny leg jeans, £20
Tory Burch ballet shoes, $195
Salvatore Ferragamo leather tote handbag, $1,705
Brass jewelry, £32
Michael Kors face watch, $250
Best in Park — BEST IN PARK Field Coat for Pugs & Frenchies, $70

I know i know... kitties and pugs or zebras and owls  for that matter aren't jungle animals but they are of the animal species and they are way to cute not to include. Anyway, hope you enjoy my animal inspired Polyvore creations.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome January, my birthday month!

With the coming of a new year also comes another birthday. It just so happens mine comes in the beginning of the year in the month of January!  I guess you can call this my birthday wish list!

I need a watch and real badly, how about this gorgeous Michael Kors watch in tortoise shell looking print.

Michael Kors watch
 for stressful days? I think this om necklace charm would be a great stress reliever just knowing that it could possible hang around my neck... stress away. ;D
OM charm
How about sky high leopard wedges? I probably wouldn't be able to walk in these but just look at how stunning it looks and if I can't wear it, well, I could always just put it on a pedestal and look at it.  

For colder weather... this leather cropped jacket is the ultimate cold weather wear here where I live as it doesn't get too cold for full coverage and cold weather protection.

Who doesn't need a little gold in their closet, i know I do and these perfect golden skinny pair is my must have.

Now, With all the material things out of the way, it would be enough to spend some quality time with my partner in crime, best friend, boy friend, lover, future husband, and my ALL IN ONE MAN----> Erick! I love you! Of course it goes without saying that it would also be awesome to spend part of the day with my family and loved ones as well. Happy Birthday to me... well, not today but soon enough.

I hope this has been an enjoyable read. Have a great day!