Sunday, January 15, 2012

possibly the easiest DIY collar necklace

I've been obsessing over collar necklaces and I can't even say I'm totally in love with it enough to buy one when i don't know how it would look on me. I've seen it on so many blog post and it has grown on me over time. The first of the many I've seen was Dannijo's ARAM on The Man Repeller Leandra Medine. It's the metal version, beautiful and quite pricey. From then on I've been really searching on how to wear it cause it just it totally grabbed my attention. I saw some bejeweled, in  fabric form with studs, leather with ribbons, name it's available. I was hooked but they are no where to be found here in our local market. The search continues for DIY. I saw a couple of versions I liked and made one of my own.

I even went as far as creating Polyvore sets with collar necklaces, unfortunatly I've only done them with a black tube dress and and just change around the accesories.

These are nice reversible made to order ones are attainable through Etsy. Just type in the search box leather collar necklaces and a bunch will show up as well as these ones.

Now on with my DIY, you'll need a pair of sharp scissors and an old button down polo shirt. I happen to find one that is light blue and faded. A perfect trial project. With the sharp scissors cut off the collar by cutting really closely to the seem of the collar and keep going until you reach the other end. Follow the pictures for visual help.

Once it's all cut off what you have is your collar necklace. You can stop here for a plain simple look which I think looks nice enough but you can keep going by embellishing it with beads, sequins, maybe pre-crocheted flowers,  ribbon flowers and whatever have you that you might like. I think I will leave mine just this way and just add on to it as I need to with a particular look. I've decided to leave the tag just as a remembrance of where it came from but not by any means of giving them credit.

A Peter Pan Style Collar here is created. A another nice version wouldn't you say? 

In another DIY, a brooch was attached, a nice look as well.

Here is my idea on how I can wear it with a little cleavage showing through a v-neck shirt. What do you guys think?

Well I hope I've been some help and I hope it's been just as enjoyable to read. Hope  you too try it out and share them with the rest of us.. 


  1. I absolutely adore your take on this trend! So easy and wearable, and stylish! Perfect!

    xx Ivana

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    Macarons and Pearls

  2. thanks ivana for dropping by. i'll check out the event cause i have a few local favorites. ;D


  3. Nice pics!

  4. thanks STella!