Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The best @38. ;D

This birthday has to be the Best birthday of all in spite of the fact that it was also my grandfather's 21th death anniversary. We (my huge family from my mom's side of the family) usually just have a small get-together to pray for the soul of our grandfather, my mom's dad, and have dinner together. To my surprise some of my cousins brought there share of food as well as birthday goodies... for good ol' me. Ninang Beck by the way is me. Ninang means godmother and Beck is my nickname amongst family and Darren and Danielle are my cousins kids.  The lady behind me is my mom  and as I look at our picture, we seem to be looking more alike as I get older.

There was soo much food, pancit, spaghetti, and pancit palabok. it's an old saying here that a noodle type dish should be prepared for long life of the birthday celebrant. Suffice to say, there was 3 kinds thus a super long life for me. There was also cuchinta, sweet sticky rice cake, delicious. coffee jelly desert and alpahol, a local sweet dessert. fried chicken and liempo (roasted pork) with hard boiled eggs, onion and fried tofu. 

So we ate, we bonded, shared stories and had loads of good time. I always find myself having the best time when surrounded with family.

This is me at 38. I can't believe it myself, time has gone by so quickly. I may not be the most accomplished but I must say I am the luckiest for having such supportive loving parents, and extended family not to mention an awesome boyfriend who loves me not only for who I really am but also accepts me for who I am not.

The blouse I'm wearing was an early birthday  gift from one of my cousins and the Fitflop I'm wearing on my feet are from my boyfriend which were also given to me as an early birthday gift. The jeans I'm wearing are quite old, but love them so much that I can't get rid of them. They were black but so worn it's turned grey as well.

I had planned on wearing these pair of Charles and Kieth wedges (another birthday gift) but the Fitflop won me over.

Estee Lauder skin perfector
bareminerals loose powder foundation
MAC loose powder eyeshadow in hepcat
FAshion21 black eyeshadow for the crease of my eyes
EverBilena liquid eyeliner in black
Clinique mascara also in black
Chapstick in spearmint
2kool lipstick palette in the darkest shade, no name available

Nails: Cherry Blossom tree nail art
Silver base color
black nail art polish (with a thin long brush) for the branches
pink and white Caronia polish for the cherry blossom flowers
protective clear top coat

I had so much I just to share all this with all of you. Simple and as random as it was,  it was the best birthday yet!

So to many more birthdays to come.

Hope it has been a good read!


  1. Love the nails!!



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    1. thanks Christal! sure thing!