Sunday, January 1, 2012

Modern Genie in a bottle

Happy New Year!!! Free and out of my bottle!!! hahaha Ok so not really but doesn't it remind you of a genie? no? alright lets get on the blog post instead!

Hello fellow bloggers! I know its been a long while. I've been meaning to do this post for a while now but just now did I find time to do so. With Christmas and a family member based in Singapore visiting, it was a riot. I know, he was just one but he was also a hand full of fun and no blog was going to take his place. He would be happy to know this. We had so much to catch up on, I'm talking years here. Then New year came around and the family and I got even busier. Anyway I hope everyone also had a fantastic Christmas and got what they wished for and not coal in their stockings. teeheehee. Wouldn't that be horrible? Of course if it's the sweet candy kind, I personally wouldn't mind like the ones in these homemade kind or store bought one. I also hope that everyone had as fabulous 1st day of 2012 I know mine was a pretty good beginning.    

Going back to my blog post, this is what I've been meaning to share with you. Harem/Yoga Pants. These pair I bought at Landmark Trinoma quite a while back, also for a quite reasonable price. They are no longer available though as they are quite trendy. The waist band is ruched and elasticized, perfect for any size. The legs are loose and airy  while the leg openings are small, just enough to fit my feet. They are indeed comfortable as you will see in the pictures. I tried to wear a couple of possible ways to wear it. I hope you like them.

What I'm wearing:

Harem/yoga pants
Mango cropped jean jacket
Heather grey tank top also from Landmark Trinoma
yellow and white golden hoop earrings
Sheyna jewelry Lotus Flower Charm Necklace
gold trimmed cream colored wedges
plaid ballet flats from American Eagle Outfitter
mineral powder
Fashion 21 black eyeshadow singles
MAC's hepcat eyeshadow powder
pink blush
Chapstick in spearmint

 I hope this has been an enjoyable read


Happy New Year!!!

One last thing if you have any interest in these type of pants check these awesome pairs from Girl Skirt Mission. They have some really nice yoga wear that include pairs similar to these ones I wear in the pictures. I haven't personally tried them but just take a look and judge for yourself. From what my eyes sees though, I'm definitely saving up for a pair of my own. ;D

Until Next Time...


  1. If I would have this kind of weather here, I'd buy them immediately :D They look great and comfortable (I mostly choose cozy clothes over pretty) ;-)
    Have a spectacular day,


  2. hi ML,

    i definitely appreciate cozy and comfy over pretty anyday as well.


  3. thanks skadiida.