Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's just plain Black and White

Lately I've been noticing myself magnetized to wearing black and white a lot lately. I don't know exactly where I'm drawing the need from but I tend to dress in black and white. From a black and white wool herringbone shorts, a plain white t-shirts, tank tops, black jeans, black flats, wedges, and sandals, they would be either, black and white, just black, or just white. And I'm finding it a little disturbing not in a bad way just been really trying to get color into my wardrobe and I just ultimately take the black tank top, white shorts, or the black and white zebra alegrias sandals that are most comfortable btw.  

Another thing the Philippines hasn't the most comfortable weather or atmosphere to be wearing black as it is too hot and black would just roast me alive or white cause of the smog that I feel like if i walked out in white I would return in a completely brown outfit but I guess that would be an exaggeration, it is however my opinion for the most part. 

But then again as I think long and hard about it what could possibly be wrong with wearing black and white, it's a timeless classic combination, I am, as I read up on my blog list that I am in good company. Take for instance Sandra from, and Rowan from With that in mind, it has not stopped me from doing so and loving every minute that I do. I just get really OC about where I go when I do go out in the said colors or the lack thereof. Check out these two ladies in their blogs for more inspiration as I look to them for my black and white inspirations. 

Anyway... here is my black and whites ootd on a more feminine note.

 Outfit breakdown:
White Top: New Found Happiness from People are People
Black Slip Dress: New Found Happiness from People are People

Accessories Breakdown:
Bag: Tod's
Shoes: Primadonna
ID Bracelet: Aiko
Pearl Bracelet: Mom's stash
Earrings: DIY
Necklace: DIY
Freindship Bracelets: DIY

 Today I found out President Barrack Obama won the US Presidential Race. Congratulations Sir, wishing you a good luck to another four years. I will be praying for your success as well as for the rest of the USA for it is my second home.