Thursday, May 17, 2012

white on white on my Dad's birthday

Hello fellow bloggers! I just couldn't wait to share this white on white outfit with everyone. The weather has been extremely hot and steamy and this white crochet tank top and white shorts was the perfect answer to this weather. The net effect of the crochet let the cool air in while keeping me dry from sweat, staying fresh as the heat rises, what more can I ask for right?  

This is my DAD. my look-a-like minus the tassel earrings and hair. 

It's his 65th Birthday and I wanted to look nice without having to get all dressed up. The delicate design of my tank top is just so dainty and feminine while the loose trouser style of my shorts  gives it a more tailored look cinched with a vintage leather belt that my uncle once owned.  Casual and dressy at the same time. bring on the guest, and a change of shoes, I'm ready to party. teeheehee. Well a small dinner party for my Dad's 65th Birthday.

I accessorized my outfit with a few of my favorite pieces like my DIY tassel earrings, my DIY zipper bracelets and DIY friendship bracelet. Included in my stack of bracelets are my ID and charm bracelets.

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Hoping you all a wonderful day. .


  1. Happy belated birthday to your dad! It's incredible how alike you look! And I love your all-white outfit, it screams summer to me :)

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

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  2. thanks Ivana. Your birthday greeting is very much appreciated. And yes I must agree He and I look more alike than my mother. I guess I do a post on my mom and I so you can see and judge for yourself. ;D

    Anyway... Summer is definitely on! Going with all white is a choice that I don't usually take but the heat has been so unbearable that it was my only go to at that point. glad you like my choice.

    thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, I always look forward to them. ;D


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    1. thanks Fabrizia! you got it, I'll check listed sites and follow. ;D