Monday, May 14, 2012

My excuses for being MIA....

Photo diary of my past few weeks, reason for my being missing in action.

Reason 1:
On the Job Training

This 1st photo is of my friend and myself, we both trained (On the Job Training) as housekeepers at a local motel and while taking a break we took pictures in the laundry room. Back story is that we studied a short course under TESDA to receive our National Certificate Housekeeping Training Certificate.

Reason 2: 
Tassel Earrings

As I have previously posted out tassel earrings, here are more.... I'm obsessed! I can't seem to stop making them. Thinking of putting them up for sale but I love them all and I can't seem to part with them. teeheehee.

Reason 3:
Marcos' Grande Reunion

We attended a family reunion. Erick's relatives are apparently in the same lineage as the Marcos' as in Former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos. 

Reason 4:
Erick's 3 days Birthday Celebration

Day 1, dinner gathering on the night before his birthday with his co-workers. 

Day 2, on Erick's actual birthday day, we went swimming with a couple of his buddies, Cute and Louie, a bunch of great guys. 

That's me on the right, zip lining with my friend's wife, Koni.  We actually just met that same day and really wanted to try zip lining and so we did. What a ride it was. 

 Here is the birthday boy, my love, Erick.

 Day 3, Erick took my family out to lunch at Fotune, a local chinese Hong Kong style restaurant.


The food was indeed delicious.

Day 4, pictures still to come.

Reason 5:
small street food business. 

Yes, yes, we decided to to start back up a barbeque business. Our house help has some mad cooking, grilling skills and thus it was inevitable that we start a foodie business. 

our menu special is this barbeque on sticks. we also serve a variety of food that is skewered on sticks and barbecued over a grill. 

May has been very whirlwind busy for me but I must admit, it's been most fun and worth while. 

I hope everyone is having just as good of May that I am having.

...hope this has been and fun read, thanks for taking the time. much love to all!

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