Monday, April 30, 2012

waiting for April Shower

For reals... April is nearly over and we haven't had much rain. I guess it's okay rather than getting too much of it and that would mean a flood for me. So I thank GOD just the same.  While i sit here steaming cause it is rather HOT, I thought I'd share my outfit of the day.

I'm wearing a couple of DIYs. My crochet and yoyo flower necklace and my zipper bracelets. I haven't actually done a DIY on my necklace cause it is somewhat more complicated but I do have one for my zipper bracelets that you can checck out. ;D They are great alone or stacked with other bracelets. 

So the sun has been ruling the skies lately and under the shades of a tree is always the best way to stay cool. So this in our mini mango tree that's yet to bear fruits but I can wait. It is what I'm good at.

I'm also wearing two of my favorite go to items. My Gap white scooped neck T-shirt and sailor pants inspired shorts. Lastly, my alegria sandals in zebra print just to let the animal out in me and may I add that it is as good as walking on barefoot. :D

Thanks for dropping by and please leave a comment cause it's always a nice surprise and I will most definitely reply back. 

Hoping everyone a spectacular week!


  1. cute blog sweetie
    following you,mind if you follow me back?
    hope to hear from you soon:]
    xoxo Theo

    1. thank you! will surely follow back! thanks for leaving a comment!