Wednesday, April 25, 2012

my summer color block

Summer is on! Its been steaming hot lately. I feel like my brain is roasting in my skull and it is my only excuse for not posting lately. So to make it up, here is my summer color blocking. From my DIY pink tassel earrings, violet sun dress and blue cropped vest. Decided to wear a nude color wedge to not over do the color blocking.

Now I know I said it's steaming hot so why am i wearing a cropped vest?  I get cold real easily and this is just my option in case I end up at the local or anywhere else that I might need it.

I tried doing one of those sock buns and this was the result, not too bad but I will work on it to tweak the style a bit more. 

so here is the thing... the cropped vest was cut off from what is pictured above. its just way too hot to wear a full vest so the best solution was to cut it in half and wear it cropped. The bottom half is the original color, I just dyed it blue because it had blue stains on the back. doesn't show up to much but it is actually ombre with a lighter blue shade on the shoulder area and darker blue towards the chest area.
What  I'm wearing:
Sock bun for the hair
DIY tassel Earrings 
violet sun dress from Landmark Trinoma
 American eagle outfitter platform wedges

Thanks for stopping by, looking forward to all your comments!
Hope everyone is having a good week so far!!!


  1. Cute dress

  2. thank you! very versatile and great for the summer! thanks for dropping by!