Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY - zipper bracelet

Zipper Craze: black cuff

Thing you need:
zipper (obviously) teeheehee
needle and 
thread in the color that matches the color of your chosen zipper

What to do:
1. match both ends to each other and sew.

2.turn inside out.

3. sew the flaps down.

4. Rock your cuffs. 
 you can wear it open or closed as is in the picture below.

5. to achieve the look of the white zipper bracelet, you will need to sew the edges together on the inside. 

Provided are site you can check out other styles of zipper bracelets from online shops and other DIY projects: (unfortunately sold out at the moment )

I hope this has been helpful.
Hope everyone has an awesome week ahead.


  1. Great post ! it looks great :)