Monday, March 5, 2012

Crackle Polish: Bobbie Smashed Nail Polish

Sorry fellow bloggers, I've been lagging on my post. Wanted to do an outfit post prior to this one but alas its been really hot and getting all dressed up is not one of my priorities although I have a dress perfect for the weather i just haven't felt like wearing it just yet so I owed you and I thought this crackled polish was just the thing to share. 

I'm sure you all have seen this and I guess you could say I'm late on the bandwagon. I'm just loving this whole crackle polish craze. A unique design is created every single time and no nail is ever alike. Don't you just love the idea? I know I do, and if it wasn't for the inexpensive local versions I would have never tried it. The local version I'm talking about is the Bobbie Smashed Polish for the mere price of Php59.75 at SM Marilao Department Store. The smallest of the bottles pictured in the middle below.


The products i used above:
Coco Nail Lacquer in white
Bobbie Smashed Polish in black
San San Nail Polish in clear

 These three polishes worked best together as I found. The Coco Nail Polish dried really quick and I found applying the black smashed polish by Bobbie didn't mix or dragged any of the white polish underneath it unlike some of the other crackle polishes I tried. 

 This is what I did:
1. Prepped my nails by cleaning, cutting and shaping them.
2. I didn't have any base coat nail polish so I skipped out on it but i don't recommend it especially if your base color dark like red, blue, black purple etc. so instead I went on with my base color which is white a safe color to use even with a clear base coat.
3. After it has completely dried, I polished on the Bobbie Smashed Polish in black and watched it dry right be fore my eyes as it crackled dry.
4. Once it too has dried, I topped it with the clear nail polish for protection and shine.

I did my toes as well just to get a complete look. Just so you know, I've had them this way for a week now. Recently I retouched a a few of the nails but otherwise they pretty much stayed on quite a while before a few of them peeled a little on the edge.  


I hope this has been a fun read, interesting at the least. hope everyone is having a good week so far. ;D

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