Sunday, November 6, 2011

T is for Tea in T-shirt and jammies

Haven't been feeling good at all. Cough and cold has been keeping me in my pj's lately. Not much of a tea person but lemongrass  and ginger tea has been some form of comfort to me. It really does hit the spot. It's prepared easily with coarsely chopped ginger and lemongrass leaves in a pot of water. Let it sit in fire and wait for it to boil. I like to add kalamansi juice to give it a little citrus hint of taste and a little sugar. awww.... it really soothes my soar throat and clears my stuffed up nose.
According to this link ( there are other benefits as well to drinking lemongrass and ginger tea. apparently citral, found in lemongrass kills cancer cells and I thought lemongrass and ginger tea just tasted good. ;D      
here is a link you might want to check out for another lemongrass and ginger tea (with milk) recipe.   
Hope you enjoyed reading and stay healthy. 
As I sit here typing this and sipping my lemongrass and ginger tea, to better and healthy days. ;D


  1. @fashion translated: hahaha... it's been my uniform this past few days, all be it a different one everyday. I am pretty fond of these ones i'm wearing in the picture. it has postage stamp prints on it. thanks for dropping by. always nice to have a visitor when sick.


  2. Just had lemongrass and ginger tea today :) I hope you get better soon! x x

  3. @Thais: thanks so much. I hope to be better soon. Attending a wedding this weekend and it would be difficult to toast the newly weds between coughs. lol.

    xoxox, Ruvic