Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nail Art

Lately, i've been feeling very uninspired but i couldn't bare doing my nails with just plain polish. So hesitant on giving up, i looked, searched, watched all i could on the internet and this is what i came up with, Kinda K pop inspired don't you think?

What i really wanted was a particular theme, specifically a nautical one done by a youtuber luxuriousnails but my white polish was running low and wasn't enough to do all my nails for the base color. So, i couldn't do that.

 Then i saw a dress worn by an actress at the last emmy's that i though would easily translate to a nail art design, but i didn't have the colors of her dress in my polish collection. Kinda disappointed at this point.

Looking through my polish collection, i saw a pink polish that totally grabed my attention and thought, wow, what a great yellow polka dots on hot pink polish look. Then again, it will be another polka dot design and i didn't want that.

I decided to try out each of the design on a nail just to see how it looked and ended up liking the way my nails looked with the different designs.

These were the polishes i used and this is how i achieved it.

I suggest you polish your bare nails with a clear basecoat of protective polish. I didn't do them to mine but highly suggest it to prevent stains. After they dried, I then basecoated each nail with a base color.  The pinky fingernail with a light blue polish, the ring fingernail with a hot pink polish, the middle fingernail with white, the index fingernail with red and the thumbnails with green. i let those dry.

On the right pinky fingernail, paint orange polish vertically about a third of the way down and paint pink polish a third of the way up leaving the light blue polish in between. Do the same on the left pinky fingernail but do them with orange on the outer part of the nail and pink on inner side.

On the ring finger, randomly paint yellow spots/circles on top of the pink.

On the midle finger, paint 2-3 navy blue horizontal stripe and a yellow star on top.

Paint a black french tip on the index fingernails and a white bow after the black french
tip has dried.

On the thumbs, paint a light blue heart and little yellow dots around it.

I suggest letting each layer of design dry completely before layering the next design.

Finally top coat all the nail designs with a your favorite clear varnish to protect the designs to make them last longer and now, you are done.

Seems like alot of steps but they are quite simple to follow and accomplish. please give it a try and enjoy your new nail art.   

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